Top 6 Cities You Should Visit in Spain

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Spain is a fabulous country with colorful landscapes, sunny beaches, and spicy aromas. When choosing your itinerary, be sure to include in your list of places to visit that are key to understanding Spain. Let’s see which cities you should visit first and why?


Malaga is a major port city in Andalusia on the southern coast of Spain. This city was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. and is considered one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Today, Malaga is a popular tourist destination, as well as a starting point for traveling around Spain due to its convenient transport interchange.
The best option is to rent a car for comfortable movement around the country. Compare car hire Malaga airport Spain offers before your trip so you don’t overpay during the high season.
Malaga is located in a quiet bay surrounded by cliffs and is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. This city is the birthplace of the famous artist Pablo Picasso, be sure to visit both museums in his honor. Enjoy neo-Baroque architecture combined with Art Nouveau by visiting the City Hall and the famous Malaga Park.


Barcelona is a huge metropolis on the northeast coast of Spain. This ancient city is credited with a legendary origin. According to one version, it was founded by the ancient hero Hercules, and according to another, by the Carthaginian commander, the father of the famous Hannibal.
Barcelona is so diverse and inspiring that planning the best itinerary is a choice of hundreds of attractions. To make it easier, check out this list of must-see places in Barcelona that you can’t miss:

  • Basilica Sagrada Família, propping up the clouds with gothic Spiers.
  • The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc – the embodiment of the dance of water.
  • Park Güell – Gaudí’s mesmerizing park.
  • La Pedrera – a masterpiece of architectural art.
  • Barcelona FC Museum.

Relax on one of Barcelona’s beaches. If crowded places in the city limits bother you, consider car hire options to visit the beach in one of the nearby towns.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city in this country. Admire the masterpieces of the Spanish Golden Age at the Prado Museum and visit the magnificent Royal Palace, which rivals Versailles in beauty. Madrid is a city that never sleeps. Experience Madrid’s vibrant nightlife after a hot day of sightseeing and enjoy the local culinary delights.
Relax in the shade of the trees of the Real Jardín Botánico and the picturesque 17th-century Parque del Retiro. For connoisseurs of contemporary art, the avant-garde Reina Sofia National Museum of Art is a must-see.

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Sunny Valencia, once founded as a Roman colony, eventually turned into a real paradise on earth. The cozy port city features a lot of palm groves and combines comfortable modernity and historical beauty.
Among the top cultural attractions in Valencia, the Silk Exchange, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Marquise Palace are popular. Consider cheap cars for hire to visit The City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex on the outskirts of the city, the most striking in Europe.


Granada is a large city located at the confluence of four rivers at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The first settlements on the territory of Granada date back to the Bronze Age, and the city received its name in honor of the pomegranate fruit.
A visit to Granada is a great opportunity to see with your own eyes the most famous sights of Islamic architecture, the legacy of the Golden Age of Jewish culture in Spain, and the gypsy flavor.
Be sure to visit the Alhambra, a 13th-century Moorish palace (UNESCO site). Have fun in the colorful caves of the Sacromonte quarter with loud music. Relax under the cool vaults of Granada’s Renaissance Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación, built on the site of a former mosque.


Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country in northern Spain, harmoniously combining a medieval atmosphere with the spirit of industrialization. The advantageous geopolitical location explains Bilbao’s great role as a commercial center since the 14th century and subsequent massive industrialization. Today Bilbao is one of the cultural centers of Europe, striking with novelties in design and architecture.
Bilbao’s main attraction is the iconic Guggenheim Museum. After receiving a ton of inspiration by works of famous artists, take a stroll along the Nervion riverfront to enjoy the cityscape.
Visit The Cathedral de Santiago de Bilbao and take the funicular up Mount Artxanda for breathtaking views. It is better to use a Spain car hire to explore the scenic surroundings.


Now you have many ideas on how to spend your holidays in Spain – all you have to do is set the accents. The hospitable Spaniards will gladly help you plunge into the local flavor, and the vacation will become educational entertainment and allow you to enrich yourself culturally.

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