Top 5 tips to save money in Cincinnati

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By Jenny

We are all looking for ways to save money. And, whether it’s by refusing that $4 mocha coffee once a week or something else, everyone has their own way of saving money. Let’s take a look at the top five ways to save money in Cincinnati.

1. Stop Smoking

This may sound trite yet it’s essential. If we take the average price of a pack of cigarettes at $8, which you consistently smoke every day, then your expenses will amount to $56 per week. They will average $224 per month. In a year, your expenses will average $2,688. For some people, it may be a small amount, but for others who live in poor countries, it can be a large amount of cash. And this applies not only to smoking but also to other harmful and unnecessary habits. Think again: Is it worth it?

2. Keep a diary of expenses and income 

This is an approach that applies to all occasions. It helps very well to track all your expenses for a day, month or year and take measures to reduce them. You can use special applications for this on your phone or any other device. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way by using a common notepad with a pen.

3. Rent a car

You may also consider some car rentals to cut down on your transport expenses every day. It may not seem obvious at first, but it is more profitable to rent a car by making a one-time payment for a month than spending money every day on transportation. This plays a particularly important role in frequent daily movements. There are many companies that provide car rentals in Cincinnati, among which Hertz CVG is one of the most popular. According to many independent reviews, this company offers only the best cars for those who want to find US cars for rent.

4.  Pack Your Lunch

A fairly simple approach. Finding everyday savings is a simple money-saving technique. For example, if eating lunch at work costs $7, but bringing lunch from home costs only $2, you can save $1825 over the course of a year. Although this advice may seem like a trifle, much of our life comprises trifles.

5. Try Couchsurfing 

Couchsurfing is a way to find a place where you can stay overnight. The bottom line is as follows: You are looking for people on special sites, which are something similar to social networks, who are ready to provide you with housing. That is, you live in the house of people who have allowed you to live with them. There is only one official site for Couchsurfing — 

 Advantages of Couchsurfing:

  • No need to look for housing on the spot. You come to a foreign city, knowing that you are already waiting there, and not a caring manager in a booked hotel, but positive people who are sincerely glad to see you.
  • In most cases, the accommodation will be at least more comfortable than a typical hotel room due to the homely atmosphere. Sometimes you can stay in such houses, which can give odds to many 4-star hotels
  • Meeting new interesting people.
  • The opportunity to learn a lot about the country/city that you can’t find in any of the guidebooks.
  • Practice English (or any other language).

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • Dependence. No matter how wonderful a couchsurfer turns out to be, staying in his house, you lose some of your freedom. It is necessary to adapt to the schedule, traditions, and habits of a stranger and take into account his interests. Sometimes, if the host works a lot and can’t leave you the keys, you need to leave early in the morning and come back with him late at night.
  • In order to find a good couchsurfer, you need to spend time. Sometimes, if you are going to a large city, you will have to spend several hours searching.
  • No matter how many positive reviews a couchsurfer has, every meeting is almost always a “cat in a poke”. You cannot be 100% sure what kind of person and conditions are waiting for you. 

Also, some good ways to save money are drawing up an expense plan or setting goals to minimize costs in the long term, accumulating money to create a financial security cushion, and drawing up your own tourist route with the help of various guidebooks without the help of a guide (this way you can also save money on excursions).

We hope our tips will help you to save money and get the most out of your rest. Good luck!

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