What to Do If Your Stormwater Drain Is Blocked

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When it rains heavily in Melbourne, the water from the precipitation does not just pool on the ground or flood the city’s streets. It passes via a drainage system for storm water. The water that collects on your roof, in your gutters, and in your downpipes is carried away by stormwater drains, which is why the outside of your property does not become flooded. It isn’t always simple to determine which of your stormwater drains is clogged when one of them is blocked. However, when you have any doubts, you shouldn’t wait to act because doing so could lead to blockages and flooding. When you suspect that a stormwater drain on your property is clogged, there are a few items that can help you confirm your suspicions.

What are the signs if it’s blocked?

If there is a blockage in either your toilet or your kitchen sink, you will be able to quickly tell by observing how slowly the water drains away or whether it drains away at all. Inspecting your stormwater drain soon after it has rained is one of the most effective ways to determine whether or not it has become clogged. If there is water pooling near where your downpipes enter the drainage, or if there is water pooling from a stormwater pit, then the likelihood that there is a blockage somewhere is fairly high.

*Note: Drains may occasionally take a little longer to empty themselves after a very severe downpour. This is typical during heavy downpours.

What to do if your stormwater drain is blocked?

What can you do to clear an obstruction in the stormwater drain on your property? It’s possible that in certain situations, you’ll be able to identify the factor that’s producing the obstruction, which may have been brought on by the storm itself at that very moment. It is possible that it is detritus from the garden, such as leaves, sticks, and other items. A obstruction such as this is one that can be removed by the user themselves.

When To Contact A Professional?

Every six months, you should have your drains maintained so that if a clog is discovered, it may be cleared before it becomes too large. Even though some DIY fixes have been successful in the past, you should engage a plumbing agency in Melbourne to handle the job since they frequently resolve the route problem. Drain cameras can be used to examine your stormwater drains, and high-pressure water jetting equipment can be used to clear obstructions after they have been found. Of course, they’ll be able to help with repairs if they need to be done.

Look for the symptoms if you think your stormwater drains are clogged. If they are there and you are unable to clear the obstruction on your own, call a plumber right once. You may soon have to deal with serious floods and water damage if the water ultimately moves closer your home. Call Strom water plumber right away for stormwater and sewage drain upkeep in Melbourne.

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