Upsolver Adds SQL Server Expert To Its Advisory Board

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Upsolver, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the insurance industry, is excited to announce the addition of SQL Server expert and author, Patrick Guthrie, to its Advisory Board.

Patrick Guthrie is a widely recognized authority on SQL Server and its use in the insurance industry. He is the founder and chief technology officer of DBAProfs, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that provides consulting, training, and support for SQL Server environments. Guthrie has also written two books on SQL Server: “SQL Server 2000 Internals” and “SQL Server 2005 Internals.”

“Patrick’s expertise will be invaluable as we continue to develop our products and services,” said upsolver CEO David Weeks. “His insights will help us to better understand the needs of insurance companies and help us provide more effective solutions.”

Upsolver’s product lineup includes Upsolver Database Management, Upsolver Security Solutions, Upsolver Claims Solutions, and Upsolver Governance Suite.

Upsolver Adds SQL Server Expert To Its Advisory Board

Upsolver, a strategy and advisory firm focused on the cloud and big data, today announced the addition of Microsoft SQL Server MVP and author Stefan Thomas to its advisory board.

Thomas is a 10-year veteran of the SQL Server community who has authored more than 25 book chapters, articles, white papers and webcasts on SQL Server. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences, where he shares his expertise on how to optimize performance, work with big data technologies and manage data warehouses.

“Stefan’s experience in the SQL Server community and vast knowledge of big data technologies make him an invaluable member of our advisory board,” said Upsolver CEO and co-founder David Rowley. “His contributions will help us improve our products and services for customers who need to scale their businesses with SQL Server.”

Why SQL Server Matters to Upsolver

SQL Server is a powerful database management system (DBMS) that provides a wide range of features and capabilities for data storage, retrieval, analysis, and reporting. As a result, SQL Server is commonly used by businesses of all sizes to manage their data.

Upsolver has long been a proponent of the use of SQL Server for data management purposes. In fact, Upsolver was one of the first companies to offer dedicated SQL Server consulting services. Our team of experts is passionate about providing quality support for SQL Server deployments and can help you optimize your database performance and achieve greater business insights.

As a result, we are excited to add SQL Server expert Julie Larson-Green to our advisory board. Julie brings years of experience in the industry, including work as an IBM DB2 administrator and database developer at LinkedIn Corporation. Her expertise will be valuable as we continue to grow our support for SQL Server deployments and provide quality advice to our clients.

What is SQL Server?

SQL Server is a widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) that was originally created by Microsoft. SQL Server is often used in large businesses and organizations for storing data. It has many features that make it a popular choice for storing data, such as the ability to store multiple versions of data, support for transactions, and support for complex queries.

How Does SQL Server Work?

SQL Server is a powerful database management system that can be used by businesses of all sizes. It offers many features, including the ability to manage data and run reports. SQL Server can be used to store data from different sources, such as customer records, employee data, and financial information.

Upsolver is a company that provides consulting and support for SQL Server. They have added an expert in SQL Server management to their advisory board, which will help them provide better support for the database. This person will be able to provide advice on how to optimize and use SQL Server for businesses. This will help them save time and money while still providing quality service.

What Are the Benefits of Using SQL Server?

SQL Server is one of the most popular database platforms in use today. It offers a variety of features and benefits that make it a powerful tool for building applications.

One of the biggest advantages of SQL Server is its scalability. Any size business or organization can use SQL Server to store data, and it can handle massive amounts of data with ease. SQL Server also offers robust security options, making it a safe platform for storing sensitive information.

Another benefit of using SQL Server is its ability to connect to a wide range of external systems. This makes it ideal for integrating with other software applications, as well as databases that are not compatible with other platforms.

SQL Server also offers a high level of integration support, making it easy to connect to other databases and software applications. This makes it an ideal platform for developing large-scale applications.

Overall, SQL Server is a powerful database platform that offers many benefits for businesses and organizations. It is reliable, scalable, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for any organization looking to build powerful applications

How Can You Benefit from Joining the Advisory Board at Upsolver?

If you’re passionate about helping others make the most of their data, then joining the advisory board at Upsolver is a great place for you! Joining the advisory board at Upsolver means being part of a community of experts who are committed to making sure that Upsolver is the best resource for SQL Server users.

On the advisory board, you’ll be able to help shape and direct the direction of Upsolver’s resources. In addition, by sharing your knowledge and experience with other members of the board, you’ll be able to help everyone learn more about SQL Server and find the best ways to use it.

Joining the advisory board at Upsolver is an excellent way to gain access to valuable resources and influencers in the SQL Server community. By joining, you can ensure that your expertise is put to use to benefit others and further improve Upsolver’s already comprehensive library of resources.

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