How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Story?

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Every social media site nowadays has the “block a user” function.

It is uncommon for these networks and applications to notify their users when someone has blocked them, however. Instagram does the same thing; users are not informed of who has banned them or when this occurred.

Some of us may be curious as to who precisely blocked us in order to assess our interactions with them. When someone we believed loved or trusted us turns out to feel the opposite, it may hurt.

Although Instagram’s features can’t let you know who has banned you, you may figure out whose profile you can’t access anymore using these several methods.

It’s not always a sign that someone has barred you from seeing their account if you can’t see their stories or posts in your feed. It can be due to a simple change in Instagram’s algorithm that affects which posts appear in your feed.

It can possibly be the case that this individual isn’t updating their account with fresh articles or stories. Another possibility is that they have stopped acting.

This article will assist you in determining whether or not a certain Instagram user has banned you.

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  • Look Up The Instagram Profile

You should start by looking for the exact profile of the user who you believe to have blocked you. To accomplish this, utilize the app’s search bar to enter the person’s Instagram username.

Once you’ve entered the user’s profile, check out their account to ascertain the following:

  1. 1. You are not banned if the profile you were looking for is set to private and you are unable to see their postings. If this is the case, a notice that reads “This account is private” will be shown under their profile. You are also not banned if it is a public profile and you may access their posts.

2. You have been banned if the member you were looking for has a public profile but you are unable to see any of their posts, even if the post count is showing a number.

The important term to look for is “No Posts Yet” on their profile’s bottom. If the number at the top of the screen indicates that they have posted, you may infer that you have been blocked.

3. There are various possibilities why the username you sought doesn’t show up in the search results. They could have deleted their account or changed their username. It can also imply that you have been blocked.

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  • Visit The Profile Manually

Say that you ran into the last issue from the part before. You may still attempt manually locating their profile by using the comments from your Instagram stories or posts. Through these tools, you may go back and find out what their new username or profile is.

Even if their profile shows that they have posted, if you were able to locate their profile but are no longer able to see their postings, it implies you have been blocked.

  • Profile Search Using Instagram Username

You might try viewing the person’s profile on your laptop or PC if you still can’t locate it but recall their username. You may also carry out this action on the browser on your phone, such as Safari or Google Chrome.

Simply enter into the search box after logging onto the platform, replacing “abc” with the user’s username.

If the individual has banned you, an error notice with the words “Sorry, this page isn’t accessible” will appear. Log out of your Instagram account on your computer to be sure they have banned you and not just cancelled their account.

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After doing this, you may look up their profile by entering their username into your browser.

You may see someone’s profile and posts from an inactive Instagram account if they have banned you. If you are still unable to access their stuff without signing in, their profile has likely been disabled.

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  • Verify Any Direct Messages

Check to see if your Instagram DM discussions with them are still there to see if they have blocked you. These talks will end if someone blocks you.

Find their username or profile by opening your direct messages, which are located in the upper right corner of your Instagram screen. If the chat is no longer available, it may be because you have been banned or because the other party has cancelled their account.

  • Check A Different Instagram Account

You may verify whether you are banned from your primary account by using an other Instagram account where the user whose account you wish to check does not follow you on mp3juice mp3.

Enter the username of the person whose profile you wish to examine when you log into your other account. If you are able to see their posts and profile, it may indicate that your primary account has blocked you.

Asking your friends, relatives, or acquaintances to look up this person’s profile for you is another option.

  • Follow Instagram Once More

By following this person’s account, you may see whether they have banned you on Instagram as a last resort. You may attempt following them if their profile shows up but indicates that they do not follow you.

You have been banned if you click the follow button and nothing happens to watch stream east. Instagram will not let them know that you tried to follow their account by using the follow button.

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