Force Out: A Challenging Clue in the New York Times Crossword

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For avid crossword puzzlers, the New York Times crossword is a beloved daily ritual. But even the most seasoned solvers can find themselves stumped by certain clues. One such clue that has been known to cause consternation among puzzlers is “force out,” a three-letter answer that has been featured in the New York Times crossword on multiple occasions.

So, what does “force out” mean in the context of the crossword puzzle? The answer is “EKE,” a verb that means to supplement or make do with less. While “eke” is not a commonly used word in everyday conversation, it is a staple of the crossword puzzle lexicon, and can be found in many puzzle books and crossword apps.

For those new to crossword puzzles, it’s important to understand that clues are often designed to be deliberately ambiguous, with multiple potential answers that could fit the same criteria. This is where the art of crossword-solving comes in, as solvers must use their knowledge of language, wordplay, and pop culture to determine the correct answer. In the case of “force out,” it can be tempting to assume that the clue refers to a different type of “force out,” such as a military tactic or a baseball term, but in the context of the crossword puzzle, the answer is always going to be “eke.”

While “force out” may be a challenging clue, it’s worth noting that the New York Times crossword is designed to be accessible to solvers of all skill levels. The puzzle is renowned for its clever clues and innovative themes, but also includes plenty of straightforward answers that can help beginners gain confidence and improve their skills. With practice and persistence, even the most difficult clues can be conquered, and the satisfaction of completing a challenging crossword puzzle is unparalleled.

If you’re new to the world of crossword puzzles, or are simply looking for a fun and challenging daily brain workout, the New York Times crossword is a great place to start. With a subscription to the paper, you’ll have access to the daily puzzle, as well as archives of past puzzles that you can solve at your leisure. And with helpful tools and resources like crossword apps and online solvers, you’ll never be stumped for too long.

In conclusion, “force out” may be a tricky clue in the New York Times crossword, but with a little persistence and a lot of creativity, you can crack the code and find the elusive answer of “eke.” So grab your pencil, fire up your brain, and get ready to tackle the crossword puzzle challenge. Happy solving!

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