How Medical Representatives Can Use Field Force Management Software?

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The ideal employee management system for medical representatives requires a lot of work. What special elements are used to create a top-notch personnel tracking system? Well, a lot of them! Let’s focus on one industry at a time. The features that actively contribute to automating salesforce management will be covered in this post.

Workforce Management Software For Pharmaceuticals 

Managers used to rely on salespeople to provide them with daily task reports, but not any longer! The era of manual management has passed. Automated field force management is used for functions like attendance recording, leave administration, and performance evaluation. Manual errors by humans may occur as a result of the pharmaceutical salesforce’s manual monitoring.

Software for tracking medical representatives limits the potential for human error and lessens difficulties.

Can Field Force Management Software Increase Productivity? 

The management of the pharmaceutical salesforce is fully automated by employee tracking software. With the assistance of the following features, efficiency is improved:

Live Tracking For Medical Representatives 

The third eye of the MR managers is live tracking. It provides real-time personnel tracking. The live coordinates reporting allows you to see movement in real time on the map. The monitoring of medical personnel who are out in the field is made easier by real-time tracking.

Verified Attendance Management 

One of the most widely used options among companies is attendance management. These cutting-edge tracking programmes for medical representatives offer sophisticated functionality. Among the solutions for attendance marking are geo-verified attendance, photo-proof, fingerprint, and other solutions. Additionally, they offer automatic alternatives.

Leave Management 

Managers must ensure that every zone, area, or route is adequately covered, so it is critical to keep track of the leaves taken by medical representatives. When necessary, the manager can hunt for a local proxy to take the position of the regular salesman. When there is a team of several dozen people to oversee, approving and denying leaves is another difficult duty.

Route Planning For Medical Representatives 

Managers can construct numerous routes thanks to this powerful capability. They delegate them to various medical representatives and keep tabs on their work. It’s more like designating a salesperson’s route and giving him all the doctors in a particular area. Additionally, managers are notified when a route is changed or stops are skipped.

Can Workforce Management Software Help MRs With Other Features? 

The above are not the only features that allow medical representatives can use to make their fieldwork easier. These following features help improve medical sales and representatives with the help of ideal field force management tools. 

Battery and Network Status 

Medical professionals find it challenging to make up for their absence. The procedure is foolproof because of updates like locations, battery life, and network availability. 

The medical representative tracking programme automatically updates the battery state in real time. Managers are notified when the phone shuts off for unknown reasons through a battery status alert. The network status update is the same. The software continuously updates itself after doing a network strength analysis.

Analytical Reports 

Because personnel management has taken the place of the mountains of papers, files, and folders, manual reporting is no longer an issue in the context of salesforce management. Whether you want to archive it or not, everything is reported. You can choose whether to receive the reports by task or by employee.

Summing Up 

The beauty of any SaaS-based product as flexible as TrackoField is that it can fit into any business operation, making it better. Field force management software for medical representatives is the best way to improve pharmaceutical sales.

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