Determining Your Deer Fence Height

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By Jenny

Deer are beautiful animals, with incredible natural abilities. To people who live in cities, watching and admiring deer seems like one of the major attractions of country living. People who live in the country know better; deer may be incredible animals, but their beauty and majesty quickly fade when they become uninvited guests in your garden. One hungry deer can destroy an entire crop of fruits, vegetables or flowers in just a few hours. If you live in an area populated by deer, and you want to keep your garden looking nice, you must find some way to keep them out. You need deer fencing.

The Most Likely Solution

Deer fencing is, oddly enough, metal, plastic or wooden fencing designed to keep deer away from your yard and the plants that you don’t want them eating. If deer are a problem for you, deer fencing is most likely the solution. Before you install fencing, you will need to answer a few questions. What material do you want to use? What design is best? How large an area you need to enclose? How high does the fence need to be? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of fence you need.

  • Material

The two main materials to choose from are metal and plastic; wood is a less common choice. Metal is more durable, but plastic comes in a wider range of colors and styles. In addition to the fencing material, there are also the posts to consider. Posts are available in plastic, metal, and wood. Choices here influence the next decision.

  • Design

The range of designs available for deer fencing is overwhelming. Between the choice of materials, the nearly infinite range of colors and the incredible range of designs to choose from, the sky is the limit. The most important thing is to find a fence that fits the style of your property.

  • Area

The size of the area you want to enclose has an influence on your choice of materials. If you want to enclose a large area, you may need to choose a less expensive material.

  • Height

The height of the fencing you need is governed by the size of deer that live in your area. In Florida for instance, a four-foot fence would be sufficient to protect your property from Key deer. On the other hand, in certain parts of the American Northwest, you may need a much higher fence to protect your property from Moose. A typical North American deer can clear a six-foot fence, if they are sufficiently motivated. A seven-foot black vinyl-coated or Bezinal-painted fence should keep even the most determined deer, moose or elk out of your garden. Talk to your local planning commission or check online for any zoning requirements for building codes that may limit your options.

There is no doubt that deer are majestic, beautiful animals. Though they may be beautiful, they are best enjoyed at an appropriate distance. Install the right deer fence, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and still have a beautiful yard as well as a productive garden.

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