5 Tips to Improve the Speed of your VPN Connection

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A good VPN is extremely secure and can easily encrypt your internet connection so that you can keep your online identity and browsing history private. However, A virtual private network (VPN) with a poor internet connection can create a worse situation for you, especially if you’re focusing on any important business task.

My VPN is Working Very Slow; What Can I Do to Improve Its Speed?

It is challenging to say why you’re experiencing slow speed issues while using a VPN that is supposed to provide maximum protection and online privacy without slowing down your system.

Once in a while, dealing with a slow internet connection is normal because sometimes heavy-data activities like Netflix streaming, gaming, or video conferencing consume a little time while uploading any content. Yet, if this situation happens everyday, you cannot say that the internet is slow due to a lot of data because slow VPN speeds can give you a frustrating video streaming experience and encourage you to either change your VPN or switch to a normal network.

Often we use vpn when the website in our location is not opening and we have to use proxy. Like if we have to watch webcric live cricket match and the website we open only works in other countries so that’s why we have to open vpn to use the desired location and enjoy the stream.

To increase the speed of your VPN connection, here are 5 tips that you can follow to boost your VPN speed.

1. Connect to a Server that is Closer to your Current Location

You may know that the encrypted data of a VPN is sent through an external server, and it takes time to forward that data to the destination address. It means the greater the distance between your server and location, the more time it takes to transmit information to the VPN server externally. The best option is to choose the premium version of VPN for Android & Mac because the paid options allow you to connect based on the different locations and the VPN servers that work fastest to access content that is not available in your specific region or location.

2. Use a Split Tunneling Option

VPN split tunneling is a wonderful feature offered by service providers to help you access the internet directly for faster speed. With Split tunneling, it is possible to maintain two connections at the same time. It means your VPN app can split your internet traffic into two parts. There will be one category where encryption and rerouting are done through safe VPN servers.

The other category is to communicate with the internet directly. Make sure split tunneling is compatible with Windows devices, Android and Android TV, so you can pick the best VPN for Android that helps you get an advanced VPN feature to protect your sensitive data.

3. Change your VPN Connection Protocol

A system that is responsible for the encryption of your data before further sending it to an external server is called a VPN protocol. This protocol has a strong connection with your VPN speed, privacy, as well as level of security.

There are different protocols used in VPN, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPsec/IKEv2, SSTV, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, etc. Most VPN providers use the OpenVPN protocol due to its high-level encryption, which helps achieve a maximum protection for your online activity. Other protocols like WireGuard and PPTV are good, but they only focus on increasing speed rather than security. Therefore, always choose the VPN that supports two or more protocols and delivers maximum speed.

4. Choose a Wired Ethernet Connection

Wi-Fi is popular nowadays, but it cannot beat a dedicated wired ethernet connection that is known for providing security and reliability and can run faster than your wireless or WI-FI connection.

 If you have any ethernet cable at your home, you can connect it to your computer and later connect to your VPN to track the status of its speed.

5. Select the Best VPN Service Provider

You can download a free VPN to operate private apps online and to open websites that are accessible for particular locations.

However, if you want to connect with the virtual world and enjoy the internet at high speed, you can opt for the best VPN service provider like SmartersVPN, which is trusted by millions of customers to buy VPN for Android, VPN for MAC, and VPN for Windows. With this service, you can embrace top-notch features that come with a smart and secure VPN and get a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the access of the VPN.


Security and digital privacy are two main concerns when thinking about a VPN. Speed is another factor that you can’t ignore if it is a matter of uploading large files to the internet and protecting your personal identity while browsing and streaming any content. Thus, do not buy a VPN with poor internet speed. Otherwise, you can get a frustrating experience and may fail to attain the necessary data protection.

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