Writing Techniques and Strategies To Compose 1500 Words Research Essay

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The education system in these modern days includes a plethora of writing tasks. There are many diverse types of academic writing projects that students carry out. Writing a 1500 words research essay is one of those tasks. The classical template of this essay consists of the following components: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Based on the topic of your essay, the information that goes into these components changes.

As you are here, it means that you do not know about writing techniques and stratCegies for composing a research essay of 1500 words. Well, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will look at the top writing techniques and strategies for writing such an essay. So, let’s get started with the following question

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Top writing strategies for composing a 1500 words essay

Composing a 1500 words research essay is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and research to craft a good research-based essay. Along with this, you must also know some writing techniques and strategies. Hence, a brief description of the top writing techniques is as follows:

Know the essay requirements

Different universities and teachers have different requirements. Some ask students to craft the essay based on MLA format, and some ask them to compose it based on APA format. Teachers mostly provide a document containing all the guidelines and requirements. As a writer and student, you must not underestimate going through the essay requirements. Those guidelines are your key to success.

Start with a decent plan

Writing strategy no. 2 asks you to develop a plan before writing a 1500 words research essay. As you have a limited word count, you cannot exceed it. You have to write the essay within the 1500 word count limit. Hence, make sure to have a plan before you start writing the essay. A good plan cannot only save you a lot of time but also simplify the process of writing the essay. It also helps you not get off track.

Divide and rule

The next writing strategy is to divide the essay and write it accordingly. You must divide the essay by making a hypothetical table of contents. This table of contents allows you to give a specific word count to each section of the essay. For example, you can allocate a word count of 200 words to the introduction section. This way, divide the whole essay based on the word count and complete it in 1500 words.

Find a good template

There are many essay samples present online which are exactly 1500 words in length. To write your research essay, you must try to find a good template and follow its structure. Spend some time researching the samples and also spend some time reading them. Reading them thoroughly exposes you to the exact structure that you can follow in your essay. However, if you cannot find such a sample directly, you can ask for samples from essay writing services.

Research efficiently

Research is the most important phase in writing an essay. Without proper and efficient research, you must not think of composing a good research essay. Whenever you are researching, make sure that you use credible and authentic sources. Some of the top and most credible research sources are  ScienceDirect, ResearchGate, and Google Scholar. Explore these sources well and develop good arguments in support of your thesis statement. Hence, research efficiently and exploit all the sources available.

Write short and long sentences

A research essay mostly contains long and complex sentences. However, making too long sentences and using complex language is not always good. Doing this makes your writing dull as the readers struggle a lot to understand what you are trying to say. Therefore, a healthy practice is that you should craft an essay with short and long sentences. This combination is too good and fosters a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Use key terms consistently

Lastly, you must use the key terms consistently in your essay. The key terms are the terms that are necessary to explain the essay topic. For example, when writing a climate change essay, you must use the terms “climate change”, “global warming,” etc. frequently. The benefit of doing this is that it keeps the reader focused on the essay. When he reads the key terms, again and again, he develops a firm understanding of the topic.


Conclusively, writing a research essay of 1500 words depends on your approach. If you use a good approach and follow all the writing techniques and strategies, you are going to produce a good piece of an essay. The most important of all is the strategy of creating a plan and then writing the essay. Hence, you must also do the same.

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