How to get additional contracts for commercial cleaning

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You probably already know that one of the largest barriers to expansion for a commercial cleaning company is finding new customers. As a consequence of assisting several cleaning companies in dramatically expanding their clientele. We have put together this succinct article that provides you with some helpful pointers on how to get additional commercial cleaning contracts for your cleaning company.

Choose the cleaning services you’ll provide

It’s crucial to define precisely what office cleaning services Melbourne you will provide before you can start attracting new consumers for your cleaning company. This will assist you in concentrating your marketing efforts on those services and identifying possible cleaning customers who could be curious about those specific cleaning services.

Many newly established cleaning businesses make the mistake of attempting to provide an excessive number of cleaning services. Always keep in mind that “the riches are in the niches,” so whatever cleaning services you provide, make sure you can produce great results while still turning a solid profit. When your company develops and flourishes, you may always extend the range of cleaning services you provide.

Find a reliable cleaning website

53% of customers do online research on a company before making a purchase, and 57% of web users won’t suggest a company with a mobile website that is badly built. So, having a quality website for your cleaning company is essential since it can be where prospective consumers look first.

Here are three questions to consider when determining if your cleaning business website is effective:

n Is there evidence of brand authority and trust on the website?

n Does the website look well on mobile devices?

n Does the website clearly state what visitors should do next?

Promoting oneself online

Now that you have a quality cleaning business website, what should you do? Now, even if having a quality website is crucial for people who are interested in your company to learn more about it, how can you encourage people to visit your website in the first place? Digital advertising is the solution.

Now that you may advertise your company online using a variety of digital marketing strategies, such as social media postings, sponsored advertisements, SEO, and more, it’s vital to choose the strategy that works best for you. Here is an illustration of a few of the many digital marketing strategies along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Using social media


If you have a following and want to promote your services to them, this is fantastic. Making relevant content and publishing them to your social media profiles can help you achieve this. Articles may include customer reviews, images showing the cleaning process before and after, special deals, etc.


To see any actual, concrete conversions from this kind of promotion, you’ll need a respectable number of followers unless you’re paying to promote your posts to an audience that isn’t made up of your followers.

Paid Ads on Social Media


Paid social media advertising is a fantastic approach to connecting with new clients who aren’t already among your audience or followers. Also, you may limit who sees your ads depending on user demographics and geographic regions.


Paid advertising is, of course, not free; you will have to pay to have your ad seen by potential customers. This isn’t a problem if you’re getting a good return on your investment, but paid ads typically perform best over longer periods after you’ve run successful campaigns and honed your conversion-boosting target audience.

Keep in mind that marketing via social media tends to be more disruptive. Meaning that you will be advertising your services to a potential client who may not be actively seeking them out at that moment.

Advertising by Google


Google is the site where 86% of all online searches are made. Hence, it should come as no surprise that putting your website at the top of Google’s search results is so successful at attracting new customers, particularly in the commercial office cleaning Melbourne sector. The term “intent-based” refers to the fact that you are promoting your services to prospective clients who are actively looking for them.

When someone searches for one of your target keywords, such as “commercial cleaning business London” or “office cleaning services near me,” Google AdWords enables you to promote your website and commercial cleaning services at the top of the search results pages.


Google Advertising uses a pay-per-click, or PPC, business model. As a result, you will be charged by Google for each time someone clicks on your page. Cost-per-click, or CPC, is the price you pay for each click, and it increases in direct proportion to how competitive your target keywords are.

Studies have indicated that 70–80% of consumers ignore Google advertising and click on the results underneath them, which are referred to as “organic” results. This is another disadvantage of Google ads.

SEM (search engine marketing) (SEO)


The process of getting your website to rank highly in natural search results is known as search engine optimization or SEO. SEO should not be disregarded while looking for a practical strategy to get more commercial cleaning contracts.

Marketing your cleaning services to prospective clients who are actively looking for your services is easy with SEO. We at Kwayse know this strategy works since we assisted a Sheffield cleaning startup in implementing it to bring in over £250,000 in new revenue!

You might save thousands of dollars in paid PPC advertising expenditures by ranking first in the organic Google search results since you do not pay per click on your website.


SEO takes time to produce results, just like all other effective marketing techniques. According to Google, it normally takes four months to a year from the start of modifications to when you start to see results. Even if the benefits might be enormous, it won’t happen immediately.

Promote your business “offline”

There are still many options for you to increase the number of commercial cleaning contracts for your cleaning business even if we now live in a digital era when more and more jobs are being handled online.

Printing and distributing pamphlets and business brochures, participating in neighborhood networking activities, calling prospective customers, and placing ads in neighborhood newspapers are a few examples of offline marketing techniques.

Collaborate with regional organizations

Partnering with other regional organizations is one of the finest strategies for obtaining additional commercial cleaning contracts. The idea is to collaborate with regional businesses that serve the same target market as yours while remaining out of direct competition with you. For instance, you might team up with neighborhood estate agents who often deal with landlords who need end-of-tenancy cleans, or you could team up with office supply companies that could recommend your cleaning services to their customers. Think creatively and don’t be hesitant to collaborate with other businesses.

Provide top-notch service throughout the bidding/tendering process

You should go above and above by offering outstanding service before you even get the cleaning contract, even if your pricing will often be a major deciding element when you are being assessed by any possible cleaning customer.

You can do this by responding to inquiries right away and making sure to send over a well-presented proposal that lists all of your cleaning services and prices in great detail. But don’t stop there; be sure to follow up on the suggestion and provide any further help that may be necessary.

While cost is a major consideration in this situation, it’s crucial to keep in mind that individuals purchase from other people, so even if a firm is the cheapest, a prospective customer will still choose to deal with someone else.

Create a referral scheme

You’ve probably heard of and seen a lot of the referral programs that businesses provide, and they continue to do so for a good reason—they work!

Offering your contacts a perk will motivate them to tell others about your fantastic cleaning services. You may offer people who refer new paying customers to your cleaning company a variety of incentives, like a one-time commission payment, Amazon gift cards, or a discounted price on their cleaning services!

Get opinions

The last piece of advice we have is to make sure you collect evaluations and endorsements from your current cleaning customers, which you can then use to market your services and develop consumer confidence in your brand.

Sending a link to your Google business page in an email to your clients can encourage them to write your reviews there.

Don’t forget to post customer evaluations on your website and social media pages after you’ve received them. This exemplifies what the marketing industry calls “social proof.” This implies that you are proving to other prospective customers that you are a dependable cleaner that produces excellent outcomes.


We hope that you and your cleaning company will benefit from our quick tutorial on how to get more commercial cleaning contracts. Please share your thoughts and extra advice in the space below if you have any.

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