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On September 12 last year, during a brief visit to Quetta. the capital of Baluchistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. hinted at a special development package said to be around US$1 billion for southern Baluchistan. Later, Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar. along with other MPs, visited southern Baluchistan to confirm. the government’s commitment to the Gwadar Water development of the region. On November 14, 2020, Prime Minister Khan. during his visit to Turbat, announced his package of Southern Baluchistan. aimed at creating more jobs, highways, dams, power. and other development infrastructure in the region Did. But the facts on the ground were the opposite.

Short water supply

when Dawn visited McLean’s division over his four months. after the people of Baluchistan were first informed of the special development package. Water is still in short supply, not to mention other basic facilities. For example, one of his unfortunate places is Crunch, an abandoned town in a fledgling port town. Gwadar Water Port is a hot water port in Baluchistan, Pakistan. The port seen as a link between China’s Belt and Road project and the Maritime Silk Road project. Mainly used in his CPEC. Applicants can visit the linked page to view. more information about CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The port located about 533 km from Karachi city and about 120 km from the Iranian border. It is also located 380 km northeast of the nearest point in the Arabian Sea, Oman. The port located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. just outside the Strait of Hormuz, near an important shipping route to and from the Persian Gulf. The port operated by a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

Geopolitical Impact of Gwadar Port

The Chinese government announced in August 2015. that his soft loans totaling $757 million for several projects. in Gwadar would converted into interest-free loans. and Pakistan would required to repay only the principal. did. Projects currently financed with 0% interest loans include building. the East Bay Expressway project costing $140 million. building a breakwater in Gwadar costing $130 million. Gwadar a coal terminal worth $360 million, and a project worth $27 million. Gwadar Water Port’s dredged dock and his $300 million hospital in Gwadar. Geopolitical Impact of Gwadar Port in India. Energy security is a major concern for China. the world’s largest oil importer, and the existing sea lanes used to import oil. from the Middle East and Africa are frequently patrolled by the US Navy. At least 80% of energy imports from the Middle East and Africa pass through the Straits of Malacca. Should China face hostilities by state or non-state actors. energy imports through the Straits of Malacca could come to a halt. resulting in a paralyzed Chinese economy in a scenario often referred to as Malacca. dilemma”

The potential vulnerability could

In addition to China’s potential vulnerability to the US Navy. the potential vulnerability could come from deteriorating relations between India and China. The Indian Navy recently stepped up maritime surveillance of the Malacca Straits region. from its base on Grand Her Nicobar Island. India has expressed concern about surrounded by China’s “string of pearls”. India could block Chinese imports through the Straits if conflict erupts. Indian naval surveillance in the Andaman Sea could increase. China’s interest in Pakistan’s Gwadar port. How did India respond to the construction of Gwadar Port? The Gwadar Water port is part of a string of pearls. a strategy China uses to protect as well as threaten India’s interests in the Indian Ocean. India responded by working at Chabahar port. Chabahar Port located just 76 nautical miles. from the developed Gwadar Port in Pakistan, China. See the linked page for more information on Chabahar Port. India has almost decided to go ahead. with the Chabahar port to provide trade links with Afghanistan. Central Asian countries and Russia.

India took over operations of Chabahar port

India has signed a memorandum of understanding. to invest in the Chabahar Special Economic Zone. For more information on Special Economic Zones. see Special Economic Zones on the page linked here. India committed to developing the Chabahar Hagigah Corridor. This is important because an Indian company has awarded. a contract by the Afghan government for the Hajigak Steel Project in Afghanistan. Chabahar Port also provides a direct connection to Tajikistan’s Falkur Air Base. which is jointly operated by the Indian Air Force and the Tajik Air Force. Chabahar Port connects India with north-south international shipping corridors. Apart from extensive work in Iran. India has established a series of coastal radar systems in several countries. India has built a huge network of coastal radar systems in India. Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius and Bangladesh.

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Who Sold Gwadar to Pakistan?

Apart from that, India is also developing ports in Indonesia. Myanmar and Bangladesh and has agreements with Oman. and Singapore to use strategically located ports. the Indian government has taken multiple steps to counteract. the strategic depth gained by China through operations at Pakistan’s Gwadar port. part of China’s larger strategy in the Indian Ocean. Frequently Asked Questions about Gwadar Water Port Who Sold Gwadar to Pakistan? On September 8, 1958, Pakistan purchased the Gwadar enclave from Oman. Why is Gwadar Port important to Pakistan? The port is of great strategic and economic importance to Pakistan. In Pakistan she is the third most important deep sea port. It located at the crossroads of international shipping routes and oil trade. Gwadar can serve as an international trade center for Pakistan. Gwadar Port connects her three regions of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. This will open up new business opportunities and promote the development of Baluchistan. The port is out of India’s reach compared to her two other ports in Pakistan. giving Pakistan strategic leverage over India.

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